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In this video Couples Counsellor, Stephen Giles MSW explains to you that if your relationship had any substance to it, then it makes sense that you should try everything to save it, up to and including couples counseling. Emotionally Focused Therapy has a Research-Backed 75% success rate - your relationship could be part of that success rate. But you will have to try it. Book a free consultation now by booking online via my website - or you can email me.

Couples Health IS Mental HEalth

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples has 3 Stages

  • EFT Stage 1  De-escalation: Couples start to see the pattern of communication as the problem - not their partner

Stage 2  Rebuilding your Emotional Bond "This is hard but we can do it!"

Stage 3   Problem Solving: " We are finally on the same page!"

Toronto Couples Counsellor Stephen Giles MSW provides a book review of "Hold me Tight" by Sue Johnson Ph.D." I ask all the couples I work with to get this book and read it while we are working together. It's a great book and well worth it"!