Stephen Giles MSW, RSW.

Therapy for Marriage, Couples and Individuals


Fees   ( NO HST charge)

First Session

Initial Assessment $300.00   per 90-minute session  / individuals

Initial Assessment $350..00   per 90-minute session / couples

Ongoing Sessions

Individuals                       $200.00.00   per 60-minute session
Couples/Family            $235.00.00   per  60-minute session

Employee Benefits Claims Process

Most health plans provide coverage for my services  (Social Work Services MSW). Please contact them for clarification. After providing you with service, I give you a receipt with all the info your benefits provider will need and you submit it to them to receive your reimbursement.

Medical Expense

All of your out-of-pocket expenses for my services can be claimed as a Medical Expense on your yearly income tax submission.  Speak to your accountant or contact CRA for more details.

Only major credit cards are accepted for payment.

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